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Dual Enrollment Program

The Dual Enrollment Program, a state-approved, cooperative community venture provided by Walters State Community College, offers qualified high school students the opportunity to receive college credit at a relatively low cost while they complete their secondary education. It is designed to supplement and enrich students' high school experiences by providing access to collegiate education without interrupting their normal high school activities. The program has been successfully implemented in several school systems within the Walters State service area. Earned credits transfer to two-year and four-year accredited institutions from Walters State according to the discretion of the receiving institution.

Advantages of Dual Enrollment

  • Students jump start their college experience and accelerate their college education.
  • Students can earn transferable college credit(s).
  • Students are intellectually and academically challenged.
  • Students have access to collegiate education without interrupting normal high school activities.

Entrance Requirements

  • Admission to the Dual Enrollment Program is available only to junior and senior students from state approved high schools that have distinguished themselves by high academic achievement.
  • Students must have a letter grade of "B" or a numerical average of "88" or an ACT composite of 21.
  • Students enrolling in English Composition sequence or in a college level mathematics course must have appropriate placement levels as determined by the Office of Admissions and Registration Services. (Examples of appropriate placement would be an English sub score of 18 and Math sub score of 19 or higher on tests such as the ACT or PLAN).
  • Students enrolling in HIST 1110 (Survey of Western Civilization I) or 1120 (Survey of Western Civilization II) must have appropriate placement levels as determined by the Office of Admissions and Registration Services. (Example of appropriate placement would be a reading sub score of 19 or higher on tests such as ACT or PLAN).

Admission Requirements

  1. Students must submit a completed Walters State application and a Hepatitis B form.
  2. Students must submit a completed WSCC Dual Enrollment/Advanced Studies Enrollment Permission Form each academic term enrolled (high school principal or counselor, student, and parent signature required).
  3. Students must submit valid placement test scores. Examples of appropriate placement tests are ACT and PLAN. Test scores are valid if earned within the past 3 years.

Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant

In the fall of 2005, the Tennessee Lottery through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) began funding a Dual Enrollment Grant to provide financial assistance to qualified high school students pursuing postsecondary study at an eligible Tennessee institution. Important eligibility guidelines include, but are not limited to, those listed below. To be eligible for the grant, students must:

  • Be a high school junior or senior
  • Be a Tennessee resident for 1 year by September 1of the application year
  • Complete the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant online each semester
  • Not have received a high school diploma
  • Meet the application deadline established by the grant program (Sept 15 for fall; February 1 for spring; and May 1 for summer).

The Dual Enrollment Grant program awards up to $300 per semester and $600 per academic year toward the cost of college tuition. The grant is available fall and spring semesters. The grant is also available for the summer term after the junior year prior to high school graduation for those students who do not exceed the maximum award during the regular school year. To be eligible for the grant after the first semester of receipt, the student must continue to meet all eligibility requirements for the grant and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all postsecondary courses attempted under a Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant.

Beginning fall 2011, students eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment Grant Program and enrolled in more than one course may elect to receive up to an additional $300 per semester for a maximum award of $600 each semester of the junior and senior year (not to exceed $1200 per year) toward the cost of the college tuition. Students who elect to utilize the additional funding will be drawing from their HOPE scholarship total award. Students utilizing the additional $300 award must be HOPE eligible (3.0 high school GPA or a minimum 21 composite ACT) each semester. PLAN scores or the residual ACT cannot be used for eligibility. Students must complete the "Dual Enrollment Grant Additional Courses Program" form each semester. To receive the additional funding the "Dual Enrollment Grant additional Course Program" Form must be signed, dated, and submitted to the WSCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator assisting the students' high school. Students must remain HOPE eligible as well as Dual Enrollment Grant eligible each semester to continue participation in the program.

Note: The first four courses ($1,200) paid by using the Dual Enrollment Grant do not affect the student's HOPE Scholarship. Additional funds used for the fifth class and forward, will be deducted from the student's HOPE scholarship upon entering their freshman year at an eligible postsecondary institution.

Awarding Process:

After students have completed the on-line dual enrollment grant application with TSAC indicating Walters State Community College as their college or university of attendance, the Admissions Office verifies eligibility for the dual enrollment grant applicants. Once the applicant has been verified as eligible, the Cashier Office awards the dual enrollment grant. If the student is registered, the award will post to the student account and offset tuition/fees for the semester. If the student has paid all tuition/fees, a refund will be processed via direct deposit or by check.

No student will receive credit for a dual enrollment grant until their application has been verified and awarded.

Note: Dual enrollment grant recipients for summer must register for summer courses prior to June 1. As the application deadline for summer is May 1, all awards must be certified for payment with TSAC by June 15. Because of this requirement, any applicant registering after June 1 will not receive a summer dual enrollment grant.

For more information about Dual Enrollment, please contact:

  • Morristown Campus, Office of Distance Education at 423.585.6996
  • Claiborne County Center at 423.851.4760
  • Greeneville/Greene County Center at 423.798.7940
  • Sevier County Campus at 865.774.5800