President’s Message By Dr. Jack E. Campbell The year 1999-2000 represented the fifth year of the college’s five-year strategic plan developed in 1994-95 to guide us into the 21st century. This strategic planning and continuous improvement process incorporated the adoption of a new vision, a reaffirmation of the college’s mission, and the establishment of goals and strategic actions, continuous evaluation, and the utilization of results for improvements of programs and services. Over the past five year period, the college has effectively addressed these elements of the plan and realized significant improvements and growth. A major activity during this past year was the development of a new five-year strategic plan which included an updated version of our strategic planning elements including the establishment of 12 strategic goals for the period 2000-2005. These new strategic goals reflect our college’s commitment to excellence in teaching and service as we move forward into the 21st century. These goals are as follows: 1.  Serve an increasing proportion of residents within the college’s service area. 2.  Provide programs and services that respond to the needs of students as they enroll and pursue personal,      academic, and career objectives. 3. Enhance instructional excellence while responsively addressing the academic needs of students and other     community stakeholders. 4. Collaborate with four-year colleges, universities, and other  institutions to provide a seamless student     transfer  system. 5. Stimulate regional economic and community development and address workforce development needs with    responsive leadership, programs, courses and services. 6. Attract, develop, retain and reward high quality faculty and staff. 7. Demonstrate accountability and continuous improvement of institutional effectiveness. 8. Provide exemplary campuses with high quality, contempo rary facilities and equipment. 9. Enhance the availability and effective use of college financial resources. 10. Increase and enhance opportunities for the community and students though partnerships with K-12 institutions and other public and private organizations. 11. Communicate the value, strengths and needs of higher education through effective public and governmen tal relations programs. 12. Apply current technological resources throughout all academic and administrative programs. I am proud of what our faculty and staff have accomplished in the past. I think they are exceptional and that our college is  today, in large measure, the product of their collective effort. Ultimately the finest expression of our planning and efforts to improve can be found in their dedication and loyalty, their longevity and the maturity of the experience they employ daily in service to our students, this region, and our state. Back to Hub main page