President’s Message By Dr. Jack E. Campbell The recent passing of “Z” Buda and Dr. H.W. Roberts, two of our college’s dearest friends and most steadfast supporters, has led me to reflect not only on my personal sense of loss regarding these two outstanding gentlemen but also to reflect on the enormous benefit that our college derives from the continuous contributions of volunteers almost too numerous to conceive. Truly at every level our college is sustained by the vision, leadership and participation of volunteers who give selflessly of their time and talents to strengthen and promote higher education opportunities for the young people, indeed all of the citizens of our state. From the members of our board, the Tennessee Board of Regents, to the program advisory commit- tees that keep our educational programs up to date and relevant, from the trustees of the Walters State Foundation to the members of the Walters State National Alumni Association, from the members of specialized bodies such as the Sevier County Development Council or the Expo Center Board of Advi- sors to those who participate in fund drives and campus athletic and cultural events, throughout all of our operations we are the beneficiary of a legacy of volunteerism which transcends individual contribu- tions and collectively represents one of the truly distinguishing assets of our society. Whether this spirit of giving is expressed in the high-profile and passionate generosity of a “Z” Buda or in the quiet, constant behind-the-scenes support of a Dr. Roberts, our college is today exceeding student and community expectations not only because of our dedicated faculty and staff but also because of our extended family of volunteers who have sacrificed some part of themselves in service to this college and their fellow man. I hope that we never fail to express our appreciation, however inadequate, for these sustaining contributions. Back to Hub main page