President’s Message By Dr. Jack E. Campbell

Given the current confusion and uncertainty surrounding our state’s budget and the funding prospects for higher education in particular, I feel compelled to reassure our college’s many internal and external constituencies that our dedication to excel­lence in teaching and service has never been stronger. Even in the midst of the most financially precarious circumstances our college has faced during my 27-year tenure, it is the character of this institution and the commitment of our distinguished faculty and staff that are sustaining us through these difficult times.

In the most recent survey for which we have results, our alumni gave Walters State high marks in rating their academic experience and they expressed high levels of satisfaction with the many support services they received while on our campuses. Employers continue to show their appreciation for the preparedness of our graduates for immediate employment following graduation. In short, funding has limited what we have been able to do but has not diminished our firm commitment to quality in all we undertake.

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