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Tax Transcripts + IRS Data Retrieval

As a result of changes in the federal regulations governing title IV programs, the financial aid office will no longer be able to accept a signed copy of a student or parent tax return for verification purposes. If you are selected for verification the options below are acceptable methods of providing the financial aid office with information needed to complete the processing of your application.

Option 1 :: IRS Data Retrieval Tool

Students or Parents may link tax information directly to the FAFSA application by using the IRS data retrieval tool when initially completing the FAFSA or by logging back into the FAFSA application. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks (if filing electronically) for your information to be available to link. If you are filing using a paper return the wait time will be longer (approximately 6-8 weeks).

Please note that some tax filers may not be able to use the IRS data retrieval tool based on the filing status (married filing separately or head of household) or type of return (amended or foreign tax returns). A tutorial is available below for instructions on how to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.

IRS Data Retrieval Tool Tutorial

If you cannot link your tax information or choose not to do so you must request an IRS Tax Return Transcript. If you change your IRS data on the FAFSA after using the retrieval tool you will also be required to provide the Financial Aid Office a copy of the IRS Tax Return Transcript.

Option 2 :: IRS Tax Return Transcript

Student and Parent IRS Tax Return Transcripts should be submitted to the Financial Aid office on the main campus. Do not submit copies of the IRS Tax Account Transcript as this is not an acceptable document. Please be sure to include the student name and ID on each page of the transcript. If you owe the IRS, you may not be able to receive a transcript until your obligation is paid in full. Please note that the IRS will not submit transcripts directly to the institution

Online Request

  • Available by logging onto the IRS :: Get Transcript
  • View and print your transcript immediately online or request your transcript by mail
    The type of transcript requested should be a "Tax Return" Transcript. The IRS "Get Transcript Online" tool allows the tax filer to submit an online transcript request to the IRS and if the request is authenticated the transcript will display in portable document format (PDF) which can be saved by the tax filer and/or printed immediately. You may also continue to request transcripts by mail but if using this option please allow 5-10 calendar days for receipt of your transcript. The IRS will no longer handle request for transcripts at its Taxpayers Assistance Centers because of the new "Get Transcript Online" tool.

Mobile Request

Telephone Request

  • Available by calling 1-800-908-9946 and responding to prompts.
  • Select Option 2 to "REQUEST AN IRS TAX TRANSCRIPT"and enter the tax year

Paper Request

  • Available by submitting an IRS Form 4506T-EZ
  • Also, if you need to send your transcript to a different address, complete and submit an IRS 4506-T form.
  • IRS forms available here

W2 Wage Transcript Request

Transcripts for Victims of IRS Identity Theft

Beginning with the 2013 tax year, tax filers who, because of IRS identity theft, are denied an IRS Tax Return Transcript using one of the regular request methods as listed above may contact the IRS at 1-800-908-4490 or go to the ID theft website on After the tax filers Identity has been authenticated, the tax filer can request that the IRS mail to the tax filer an alternate paper tax return transcript which will meet the institutions verification requirements.

Transcripts for other Unusual Circumstances

Individuals granted a Filing Extension by the IRS

If an individual is required to file a IRS income tax return and has been granted a filing extension by the IRS, the following documents must be provided to the Financial Aid Office:

  • A copy of IRS form 4868 (Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) that was filed with the IRS for the requested tax year.
  • A copy of the IRS's approval of an extension beyond the automatic six-month extension if an additional extension of filing time was requested for the requested tax year.
  • A copy of IRS Form W-2 for each source of employment income received for the requested tax year and, if self-employed, a signed statement certifying the amount of the individual's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and the U.S. income tax paid for the requested tax year.

Individuals who Filed an Amended IRS Income Tax Return

If an individual filed an amended IRS income tax return for the requested tax year, the following documents must be provided to the Financial Aid Office:

  • A signed copy of the original IRS income tax return that was filed with the IRS or a IRS Tax Return Transcript for the requested tax year and;
  • A signed copy of the IRS form 1040X (Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) that was filed with the IRS for the requested tax year.

Individuals Who Filed Non-IRS Income Tax Returns

An individual filed or will file a 2013 income tax return with Puerto Rico, another U.S. territory (e.g., Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Marianas Islands), or with a foreign coun­try, must provide a signed copy of that 2013 income tax return(s).