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Learning in the Lyceum
yellow ticket eventNoon – 1 PM
Lyceum for International Education
SSB | Morristown Campus
A Global Connections Yellow Ticket Event
Sponsored by the International Education Fee


Fall 2015 Schedule


PBS Documentary –  Hagia Sophia, Istanbul's Ancient Mystery
Aired 2/25/2015
How has this unique structure, built on a seismic fault, survived centuries of quakes? Built in what is currently known as Istanbul, Turkey, this building has had major influences on Greek Orthodox, Christianity and Islam for over 1500 years. See how math and science were used to build this massive structure.
Travel Opportunities with WSCC – International and Domestic
Visit Japanfest in Atlanta, Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival, US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and many foreign countries. Learn more about opportunities to travel as a Walters State student.
Constitution Day Presentations by WS History Instructors
Mr. Darrel McGhee, Dr. Timothy Holder, Dr. Larry Smith and Mr. Rob Pratt in Communications. All will be video streamed to the other three campuses.
Why Should I take a Foreign Language Class?
Over the past two decades the world has become more interdependent. New technologies have erased many existing borders, making foreign language instruction more necessary than ever. Erika Stevens, Assistant Professor of Spanish on the Sevier County campus, will discuss this perpetual question.
PBS Documentary –  Memory of the Camps
Aired 4/14/2015
In the spring of 1945, Allied forces liberating Europe found evidence of atrocities which have tortured the world’s conscience ever since. As the troops entered the German concentration camps, they made a film record of what they saw. FRONTLINE found the unfinished film stored in a vault in London’s Imperial War Museum and broadcast it for the first time in 1985.


Tai Chi – a Natural Approach to Medicine
Tai Chi involves a series of movements performed in a slow focused manner. The meditative aspects of this Ancient Chinese practice can play a part in a lifetime wellness program giving benefits both physically and mentally.
World War I Hero
Dr. Mark McClure, Associate Professor of History, has been researching a WW I hero. He will share what he has learned about this portion of American History.
Drug and Alcohol Prevention
Presented by Student Support Services, Counseling and Testing
Meditation is for Everyone
Melissa Hite will share her meditation skills with an added sense of joy and humor. Her program was very well received last year with many requests for her return. Many people think meditation means that you have to isolate yourself and sit quietly for long periods of time, so they brush it off, wrongly assuming they can’t do it. This program is about changing that view, giving some options to make meditation appealing to everyone.


History Comes Alive
Civil Rights program with members of the 1961 Freedom Riders
Veterans Day Program
The Walters State History Club will honor our military veterans with a special program.
WSCC Bluegrass Band
No Program


Different Country – Different Language – Different Attitude
Tom Barry in Public Safety and his wife traveled the world for twenty years as part of the crew on many large theater productions. He will share stories about differing cultural attitudes requiring flexibility and creativity when joining efforts for a successful theatrical experience.