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Sunday June 24, 2018

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Advice for Future #TNReconnect Students
July 17, 2017

Walters State student Alan Wood can give plenty of advice to adults interested in earning a college degree through Tennessee Reconnect. Wood was part of a limited pilot program last year. 

Tennessee Reconnect will enable adults to attend Walters State without paying tuition beginning fall 2018.
“With Tennessee Reconnect paying for my tuition, there was no reason for me not to go back. I had not wanted to take money from my family to pay for college. The scholarship also speeded up the process. I could take three or four classes a semester instead of just one,” Wood said.
Wood took some classes at a community college in New York after he graduated high school. He left when he was offered a job by a leading national mailing company. He was very interested in information technology and learned new skills on the job and in his private time. He moved up the ranks quickly and eventually trained company staff. A more lucrative job offer came a few years later. Then, he and his family decided to move to Tennessee to be closer to family.
“Alan is a great example of how beneficial Tennessee Reconnect will be to many Tennesseans. The program doesn’t just provide free tuition, it also puts students in touch with mentors who can make sure they’re taking the right classes and put them on the path to graduation,” said Melissa Duff, director of the student success center at Walters State.
While Tennessee Reconnect kicks off next fall, the college is getting ready now. The college will offer free 10-week sessions in writing, math and computer and information science. Classes will be offered in the fall and spring.
For more information about Tennessee Reconnect, call 423-318-2337. You can also find more information at