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WSCC Hosts 2014 mEngage Conference
July 25, 2014

Walters State Community College will host over 100 educators representing 20 colleges and universities for the 2014 TBR mEngage Leadership Academy this week on the Morristown Campus.
The event is sponsored jointly by the Tennessee Board of Regents and Walters State. Both organizations have been recognized nationally for their use of mobilization tools, including tablets and smart phones, to increase student learning in the classroom. The conference runs July 23-26.
“This conference will look at the many ways to improve the effectiveness of mobilization in higher education classrooms,” said Dr. Jeff Horner, dean of natural science and one of the organizers of the conference.
Horner said this was the second mEngage Academy. The first one concentrated on developing plans to implement mobilization plans.
“This year, we will be looking at how those plans worked. We’ll be looking at how to solve any problems,” Horner said.
Some topics planned for discussion are how to expand a wireless network to rural areas and how to adjust campus wireless connections to handle the increased needs of a mobilized campus in a cost-effective manner. Discussions will also center on ways to make buying and owning mobile devices both more affordable and more beneficial to the student body.
Walters State faculty will also discuss a new mobile textbook delivery system to be implemented by Walters State’s Natural Science Division. Experts will also discuss redefining classroom layouts for better use with mobilization tools and the role gaming plays in academics. 
Walters State Community College has twice been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for integrating mobile technologies into the classroom.