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Development Timeline



Call for proposals in the identified advising area emailed to all employees, students, Foundation Trustees, County Chamber Members, program advisory board members, K-12 partners, (guidelines and rubric included) Article submitted to local newspapers encouraging community members to submit proposal as well

QEP Team member gives status update to the Full SACSCOC Leadership team, including the college's executive council

QEP Team working group develops guidelines and evaluation rubric for collecting / grading proposals in this topic area


Have a QEP mentor/consultant come and conduct a professional development session on campus about QEP process.

QEP Development Team Meets and reviews ranking results from constituents and narrows topic down to one subject area, advising.

QEP Development Team budget sub-group presents budget request/needs for the upcoming year to the colleges budget council.


QEP Leader updates adjunct faculty at their beginning of semester/orientation

QEP Leader updates college on QEP status at inaugural week events making sure to reach all campus areas; lists the six potential topics and their related definition; also makes aware of ranking survey to be distributed in the upcoming days

Presidents message about QEP, along with the link to the survey for topic ranking featured in The Hub (college publication that is sent to alumni, foundation trustees, and friends of Walters State. Reaches 24,000 stakeholders.



Member of QEP Development Team updates the college's executive council on the current status of topic selection to this point. Permission obtained to speak at the colleges inaugural breakfast college wide event.

Fourth QEP Development team meeting; meets and reports on all areas of potential topic resources. Each area is discussed as to its relevance to student learning outcome opportunities. Team narrows potential topic subject areas to 6 to be resent out to faculty, staff, students, and constituents for ranking.

Select members of SACS Leadership and QEP Development Team attend SACS Annual Meeting in Houston

QEP Team works to narrow the topics to six areas, using all the previous data and surveys collected


QEP web page established, includes all minutes, updates, and materials available for review

Third QEP team meeting, checked on progress of working groups to review CCSSEE results, SENSE Survey results, Enrollment Services Surveys, Student Communication Survey, other student service areas surveys, and any documentation from various meetings that help identify areas of need that are important to students. QEP Team is also identifying and reviewing successful QEP topics from other colleges for initial brainstorming.

Focus groups with students, faculty and staff at off campus sites meet to discuss possible topic ideas


Preparations have begun to allow QEP Development Co-Chairs to attend an on site review at another institution.

Communication sent from Vice President of Student Affairs to all students encouraging participation in QEP open questionnaire for topic selection.

Communication sent from Presidents Office to faculty and staff encouraging participation in QEP open questionnaire for topic selection.

QEP Co-Chair sent email reminders sent to all external constituents receiving the open questionnaire.

Held individual focus group discussion sessions with faculty and staff on the main campus.

Publicized QEP and the open questionnaire on college's social media sites

Second QEP Development Team meeting, reviewed QEP processes. Heard update reports from previously assigned working groups. Reviewed/updated timeline. Established a marketing and communications working group. Budget manager assigned. Assigned members to each of the QEP Guidelines (10 indicators) to ensure they are addressed throughout the process.

QEP Co-Chair speaks at college's Foundation meeting to inform the board and trustees of the QEP process and relevance to accreditation reaffirmation. Also distributed initial questionnaire to trustees for possible topic ideas.


Distributed open questionnaire to faculty, staff, students, secondary school system partners, WIOA Staff (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act), and program advisory boards, on what they believe is needed to change and improve student learning at Walters State.

Shared network drive created for all development team to access working documents.

Created a QEP Development Team email for communication consistency on all things QEP.

First QEP Development Team meeting, working groups are assigned to look at different data collection opportunities for topic selection. Upcoming timeline is discussed. Survey questionnaire is developed. Prizes approved for random selection from questionnaire submissions to promote participation.

ONGOING Continuous QEP Team meetings; QEP Leads give constant updates to QEP Full Leadership Team


ONGOING QEP Budget established with college leadership; will continue each budget cycle throughout development and implementation

QEP Co-Chairs presented a QEP process introduction at bi-annual faculty meeting


Co-Chairs and two Development team members attended SACS annual summer QEP institute in Orlando


QEP Development Team was selected by the SACS Leadership team