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Cathy Woods
Executive Director, Division of Distance Education


2015 - 2016 College Express Application

College Express Fast track is a degree program in an accelerated format and starts with a cohort group. Most programs meet either one or two nights a week for 4 hours with students completing 12-14 hours in a semester.

College Express Programs

General Education Requirements for Pre-Allied Health

Pre-Allied Health program students complete the general education requirements for any of the Pre-allied Health programs in 12 months. These core courses meet the admissions requirements to apply for a degree in any health program.

College Express Admissions Process

Admission Requirements

  • Preference will be given to in-state students
  • Students must have completed any required learning support classes prior to entering the program
  • Attendance at registration sessions before classes begin each fall, spring, and summer
  • Attendance at each scheduled class meeting is required. A strict attendance policy is enforced.
  • All applicants will be interviewed within the Division of Distance Education by appointment
  • Performance and advising meetings each semester with program director

Program Application

Please complete the College Express Application for entrance into the program

For more information on applying please contact:
Cathy Woods
Executive Director, Division of Distance Education

Program Cost

Fees follow the WSCC schedule which can be viewed online at Fee schedule


Please click on a question below to view the answer.

What is a Cohort?
  • A group of people working together within the same degree meeting together within each class of the degree program.
  • Students begin and end their degree together. Staying with this group offers students two distinct advantages as students:
  • Will stay in sequence with the degree requirements
  • Are more likely to be successful as the cohort forms a common bond.
What are the Advantages of a Cohort?
  • Students will move through the major in a unified group, building good relationships with students they will come to know throughout the time spent together working toward the same degree.
  • Cohort classes are custom designed for the degree program of choice and the classes will be available for the cohort students only.
  • Some classes may be offered in a hybrid format (some online and some classroom time)
  • Works well for the adult learner juggling both work and family
  • Encourages teamwork and support to the individuals
  • Benefits students who wish to complete a specific degree while taking only one or two classes at a time
What Characteristics are seen in Successful College Express Students?
  • Highly motivated
  • Self-starter
  • Desires to complete a program in an accelerated manner as opposed to taking several years to complete a degree
  • Has support from a spouse or family members where child care is necessary in the evenings
  • Has the ability to work and find time to take classes and study in the evenings
  • Good time management
Are these Programs as Demanding as Regular Classes?
  • Definitely and perhaps more demanding as they are in an accelerated format or compressed time requiring self–discipline. Classes are taught by committed Walters State instructors who provide support to the student.
Is it Possible to Take Learning Support Classes with the College Express Program?
  • No, all learning support should be completed prior to entering the Fast Track degrees.
Will Previous College Credits be Applied to a College Express Cohort Program?
  • Previous college transcripts will be evaluated and any equivalent credits within the degree will be applied.
Is Financial Support Available?
  • Financial Aid is available for eligible students. Complete all necessary paperwork before registration.

Contact the Financial Aid Office 423.585.6811 for detailed information