Presidentís Message

By Dr. Jack E. Campbell

By the time this newsletter reaches your mailbox, I anticipate that the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), the collegeís governing body, will have made Walters State history by having named the first two buildings on our Morristown Campus. I cannot therefore miss this opportunity to share this momentous news with our foundation trustees, alumni, faculty and staff, donors and other friends who make up our college community.

Unlike many of our sister institutions across the state, Walters State has elected to move very slowly in recognizing distinguished achievement in service to our college, higher education and society at large through the naming of campus buildings. Only in the past year did we recommend to the TBR the naming of the first Walters State building, which was Maples-Marshall Hall newly constructed on our Sevier County Campus.

It was thus with a deep sense of history and the enormous significance of my action that I was honored this spring to accept the recommendation of our college ad-hoc facility naming committee and to recommend to Chancellor Charles W. Manning, on behalf of our administration, staff, faculty and students, the naming of our first two Morristown Campus buildings.

Chancellor Manning thus placed on the TBR agenda for their June 29 meeting his recommendation to the board that they honor Judge William H. Inman and Clifford H. "Bo" Henry by naming two Morristown campus buildings the William H. Inman Humanities Complex and the Clifford "Bo" Henry Center for Business and Technology.

I cannot imagine more appropriate nor well-deserved recognition being extended by our board on our behalf. Judge Inmanís many years of service to our college as a foundation trustee, executive committee member, foundation president and legal counsel as well as his never-failing sage advice and advocacy for our college have resulted in enhancing the collegeís prestige and in securing unparalleled financial support for Walters State and its foundation. Judge Inman has distinguished himself as one of the most respected lawyers in the state, having held several top judgeships and serving as legal counsel to former governor Lamar Alexander.

Likewise Mr. Henry has amassed an outstanding record of distinguished service to the state of Tennessee as a business leader, legislator, and a member for 15 years of the TBR. His service to higher education has been of particular importance to our college and he has, through the years, repeatedly involved himself in the life of Walters State as an advocate, advisor and facilitator of private giving.

I feel truly blessed and humbled to have shared the leadership of Walters Stateís service to the citizens of upper East Tennessee with these two gentlemen whose extraordinary integrity, wisdom, judgement, and vision have contributed so much in establishing the reputation that our college enjoys today.


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