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Return of Title IV

Failure to read these policies, terms, and conditions does not exclude students from the requirements and regulations stated herein.

These policies are implemented in accordance with the United States Department of Education's federal guidelines governing Title IV aid, 34 CFR 668.21 and 668.22, as well as state and institutional policies.

All Title IV aid recipients are subject to these refund/repayment policies. All other aid recipients are subject to the policies of the appropriate governing agency. Financial aid recipients are required to notify the Financial Aid Office (FAO) of changes in enrollment due to cancelled classes, official withdrawals, and/or ceased attendance.

Students are awarded Title IV assistance under the assumption that the student will attend the entire period for which assistance is awarded. If a student withdraws officially, unofficially (ceases attendance in all registered courses for a period of enrollment without completing the official withdrawal process), or never attends, they may no longer be eligible for the amount of aid originally awarded or disbursed.


Unofficial Withdrawals: Unofficial withdrawal occurs when a student ceases attendance in all registered classes for a specified term and who does not complete the official withdrawal procedures as defined in the Walters State Community College Catalog/Student Handbook under "Admissions and Records", subtitle "Withdrawals and Honorable Dismissals". The withdrawal date determined for unofficial withdrawals is the last date of attendance as reported by instructors electronically.

Return of Funds Order: Funds are refunded in the following order: (1) Federal Pell Grant (2) Federal SEOG (3) TSAA (4) Scholarships and other sources. All financial aid funds for which a student received assistance will be refunded/repaid in full before any monies will be refunded to the student.

Refund Policy

Walters State Institutional Refund Policy

Refunds on all institutional charges will be calculated by the Cashier's Office in accordance with Walters State Institutional Refund Policy as stated in the WSCC Catalog/Student Handbook under "Cost" and applied directly to the student account. Also refer to the Timetable of Classes - "Fee/Refund Information" section

Repayment Policy

Cancelled Classes or non-attendance

Title IV aid will be adjusted for cancelled classes or classes not attended. 100% of funds received for a cancelled class or a class never attended must be repaid to the fund(s) from which it came. For example: A Federal Pell Grant recipient enrolls in 12 credit hours and receives a $2000 award. Then a 3-hour class is cancelled inadvertently dropping the student to 9 credit hours. This automatically reduces the initial award of $2000 to $1500. The Federal Pell Grant program must be fully refunded/repaid the $500 difference between the two awards.

Note: A student may replace cancelled classes by adding other classes during the registration period as defined in the Timetable of Classes for a specified term.

Official and Unofficial Withdrawals

Recipients who officially or unofficially withdraw prior to the 60% point of a payment period or period of enrollment are subject to the Return of Title IV calculation. Factors considered in this calculation include: the amount of Title IV assistance received or eligible to receive, institutional charges, number of days in the payment period and the withdrawal date. This calculation is completed using a federally mandated formula provided by the Department of Education which is used to determine any unearned portion of Title IV assistance.

Withdrawal date is determined by:

  • The date the student began the official withdrawal process or provides official notification to the school of his or her intent to withdraw.
  • The midpoint, or last date of attendance of an academically related activity past the midpoint, for a student who ceases attendance without providing official notification or unofficial withdrawal.

The amount of unearned assistance is determined by subtracting the percentage earned (number of days attended divided by the number of days in the period) from 100%.

WSCC is obligated to return these funds, including those that may have been previously been applied to the student account for institutional charges. Students are also obligated to return unearned funds beyond the institutional portion to the Department of Education.

Students must repay Walters State for any funds returned to the Department of Education on their behalf. All recipients owe a repayment are immediately placed on WSCC hold system. This stops all future transactions at WSCC until the student repays their obligation or makes satisfactory payment arrangements.

Failure to make satisfactory payment arrangements on any student portion of unearned funds will result in this amount being turned over to the Department of Education for collection. Students that fail to contact the Department of Education (1-800-621-3115) to repay their obligation or make satisfactory repayment arrangements will become ineligible to receive Title IV assistance at any eligible higher educational institution.