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All programs are on Wednesday, starting at 12:45 p.m. in the Student Services Building Lyceum for International Education. Most programs run about an hour in length.

Spring Semester 2015 Schedule
12:45 pm in the Lyceum for International Education SSB

yellow ticket eventAll programs are on Wednesday, starting at 12:45 pm in the Student Services Building Lyceum for International Education for about an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less

Sponsored by the International Education Fee
A Global Connections Yellow Ticket Event

Events Will be Video Streamed to the Following

Greeneville / Greene County
WSGC 100
Sevier County
MMH 210
Claiborne County
WSCE 080


PBS Documentary – Ripley: Believe It or Not!
Robert Ripley's obsession with the odd and keen eye for the curious made him one of the most successful men in America during the Great Depression. Over three decades, his Believe It or Not! franchise grew into an entertainment empire, expanding from newspapers to radio, film and, ultimately, television. Americans not only loved his bizarre fare, but were fascinated by the man himself, and the eccentric, globetrotting playboy became an unlikely national celebrity. This is the story of the man who popularized the iconic phrase, and proof of why we still can't resist his challenge to "Believe it — or not!"


PBS Documentary – Klansville U.S.A.
In 1963, North Carolina salesman Bob Jones chartered what would become the largest Klan group in the country, which, under his leadership, grew to some ten thousand members. In the process, the group helped give the Tarheel State a new nickname: "Klansville, U.S.A.
PBS Documentary – Jesse Owens
The most famous athlete of his time, his stunning triumph at the 1936 Olympic Games captivated the world even as it infuriated the Nazis. Despite the racial slurs he endured, Jesse Owens' grace and athleticism rallied crowds across the globe. But when the four-time Olympic gold medalist returned home, he could not even ride in the front of a bus.
Minority Entrepreneurs
Dr. Alpha Alexander, Co-founder of the Black Women in Sports Foundation, Wallace Coleman, recording artist, Walter Dockery of Dockery Funeral Home, Jennifer and Ron Pressley of Breath of Life ministries and Momma Gotcha soul food restaurant will discuss their trials and triumphs of earning a living.
Sally Liuzzo-Prado
Postponed until March 2nd due to weather.


Sally Liuzzo-Prado
Scheduled for 2:30 PM
The youngest daughter of civil rights activist Viola Liuzzo, who was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan while participating in the 1965 Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March. Liuzzo was the only white female protester to die in the civil rights movement.
International Travel
Students will learn how to apply for the International Travel Scholarship as well as hear about travel abroad opportunities through Walters State for Spring/Summer 2016.
No Program
Spring Break
Competitive Job Readiness: Navigation Tools for a Marketable Edge
Strategically using job search tools to move through the job search process to the job you want. Learning about transferable skills, resume and cover letter style options and variations as well as answering top interviewing questions.
Denise Carr, WIA Career Specialist
What is ISIS? - revisited
An update of the presentation given at the International Festival in October
Dr. Mike Pinner, Adjunct Professor of Religion and Culture


Green Dot Program - a Movement, a Program, and an Action
The aim of Green Dot is to prevent and reduce power-based violence at WSCC by engaging students as active bystanders who step in, speak up, and interrupt potential acts of violence. The Green Dot movement is about gaining a large number of students, staff and faculty who are willing to do their small part to actively and visibly reduce power-based personal violence at WSCC.
PBS Documentary :: Frontline
FRONTLINE investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin's reign in Russia. Tracing his career back over two decades, Putin's Way reveals how the accumulation of wealth and power has led to autocratic rule and the specter of a new Cold War.
The Way of Love in World Religions
What is love? What do the world's great religions teach about it? Are there any differences between the Christian conception of love and the Buddhist one? Explore these questions and more with the goal of a better understanding of the nature of love.
Dr. Greg Bock, Associate Professor of Philosophy (presenting in Sevierville)
Traditional Hindu Wedding
Medha Karandikar
21st Century Professionalism: Targeting Successful Workforce Engagement
Learning the techniques to stay successfully engaged both personally and professionally so others "Know it, When They See it!" Professionalism makes a lasting impression that impacts your career networking and mobility.
Denise Carr, WIA Career Specialist