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See Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" This Weekend!
Posted October 28, 2015

Take a trip back to the Salem Witch Trials – through one of America’s best loved plays – later this month at Walters State Community College.
Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” will be brought to life by a 20-member cast. The part-fact, part-fiction play is a two-act event and a standard of American theatre. 
Director T.J. Kent said the play, first performed over 50 years ago, still delivers a very relevant, powerful message.  
“The play is important today because it shows the results of mob mentality. With so many divisive political battles now, it is so important that we each learn to think on our own,” Kent said. 
“The Crucible” follows several characters who are tested when the witch frenzy erupts. Young Abigail is a featured character who learns how easy it is to defend herself by pointing fingers at others. She is also harboring a secret that will rock the tiny town.  
Leah Winstead of Morristown has been cast as Abigail. Rebekah Frith of Morristown plays Tituba, the slave believed to be at the center of the slave activities. Joshua Logan Davis of Morristown is cast as John Proctor, a husband hiding secrets believed to be the root cause of the evil in Salem.
“Students love this play,” Kent said. 
“So many were excited when I announced this as the fall production. This play is very entertaining and also challenging for my acting students. This play gives them a great chance to improve their skills.”
Kent said the cast also includes some talented community members.
“We turn to the community to fill roles that we can’t fill with students. Students then learn from community members.
“Students in this play are at a very early point in their acting careers. For many, this is their first theatre role. Community members in the play have often acted with Walters State or Encore or the Theatre Guild. Students learn a great deal working with them,” Kent said. 
The timing of the production also celebrates Arthur Miller’s 100th birthday. The prolific writer was born Oct. 17, 1915, in New York City. 

At the time it was written, the play served as an examination of McCarthyism. This period of American history saw the U.S. government want to blacklist anyone exhibiting any signs of communist leanings, which included many in the entertainment industry. After the play’s initial production, Miller himself was investigated by the House of Representatives’ Committee on Un-American Activities. He was convicted of contempt in 1956 when he refused to tag associates as possible communists. 

“The Crucible” showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Oct. 30-31 and Nov. 6-7 and 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 1 and Nov. 8. Tickets are $10 for general admission; $8 for seniors and $5 for students. For reservations, call Walters State’s Division of Humanities at 423.585.6922.

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