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Wednesday September 18, 2019

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Retired Professors Honored As Professor Emeriti
March 28, 2019

Two retired professors were honored with Walters State’s highest faculty distinction on Wednesday. 

Dr. Tony Miksa, president of Walters State, bestowed the title of professor emeritus on Dr. James Crawford, retired professor of English and dean of humanities, and on Dr. Donald Lindsey, retired professor of biology and dean of natural sciences. 
Crawford joined the faculty in 1974 as an instructor of English. He was named dean of humanities in 2001. He also served as interim vice president for academic affairs and was assigned additional duties as assistant vice president for academic affairs in 2007. Crawford retired in 2012.
“Dr. Crawford served Walters State both by his outstanding instruction in the classroom as well as his ability to be efficient and conscientious. He was the conduit through which the separate views of the Humanities Division were blended to become a more effective, cohesive unit,” Miksa said
Crawford said he grateful and humbled by the recognition.
“Having worked with the previous faculty members to receive this honor, I know that they were held in great esteem by students and colleagues. I never expected to receive this honor and I am so grateful,” Crawford said.
Lindsey joined the faculty in 1972 as an instructor of biology. In 1993, he was appointed chairperson of the science division, with the title changing to dean of natural science. He served as dean through 2007. He also was assigned additional responsibilities as special assistant to the vice president for academic affairs for academic assessment. Dr. Lindsey retired in 2013.
“Under Dr. Lindsey’s leadership, the natural science division grew into its current facilities on our campuses in Morristown and Sevierville. The division also expanded course offerings for non-majors and for allied health majors on each Walters State campus,” Miksa said.
Lindsey was also appreciative of the honor and acknowledged that he missed teaching.
“I miss the interaction with my coworkers and students. When you work with nursing students every day, they keep you on your toes. Our alumni includes many nurses, doctors, dentists and judges. I am very proud to say that I taught at Walters State,” Lindsey said. 
Crawford and Lindsey dedicated their careers to Walters State and that was reflected in the large crowd of current and retired faculty and staff attending Wednesday’s ceremony. 
Seven other former faculty members have this honor: Anne Armstrong, professor of English; Dr. Orville E. Bach, professor of business; Dr. Harold Hayes, professor of psychology and developmental education; and Dr. Judith Hector, professor of mathematics; the late Dr. James W. Ford, professor of physics, the late Dr. Samuel O’Dell, professor of history, and the late Dr. Darrell Simmons, professor of technology.
Portraits of all professors receiving this honor hang in the college’s Academic Affairs Conference Room in the Dr. Jack E. Campbell College Center.
CUTLINE: Walters State honored retired professors Dr. James Crawford and Dr. Donald Lindsey with the title of professor emeritus on Wednesday. From left are Dr. Jack Campbell, president emeritus; Dr. Tony Miksa, president; Crawford; Lindsey and Dr. John LaPrise, assistant vice president for academic affairs.