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No Major? Career Advisors Can Help!
August 8, 2019

Not sure about your major? Get stressed when you think about a career?

Abby Hill and her SIRIUS advisor colleagues want to meet you. Hill is part of an advising program helping students determine majors and careers. Her job is help you choose your job. That might be a little simplified, but you’ll understand in a few paragraphs.

“We help students determine their major and their career choice. Most students have narrowed it down to a few choices. Other students need a little more guidance,” Hill explained.

Hill suggests undecided students begin with the Kuder Career Assessment, a short test that measures your educational and vocational aptitude. The test isn’t like any test you would take in a classroom. Instead, the Kuder Assessment asks about what you like to do and what you are good at doing. The test is free for Walters State students. Students can register by contacting a career advisor at 423-585-2683 or the college’s Counseling and Testing Office at 423-585-6800.

“The results show the top five industries or career clusters that match a person’s career aptitude. We meet with students and look at the occupations associated with those areas,” Hill said.

Do you feel like you’re in a major that’s not a good fit for you? You’re not alone.

“Your major is not set in stone. In fact, over the course of your career, you may change occupations six or seven times. That not’s just changing jobs, that’s changing your occupation.

“Choosing a major should line up with your personality and experience, but in college you are also building skills that apply to many different careers. Just because you’re an English major doesn’t mean you are going to be a writer. You can apply those skills to many different jobs,” Hill said.

Students can change their major many times, but each change can lengthen the amount of time spent in college and could affect scholarships or financial aid.


Abby Hill (Humanities and Business) 423-585-2683,
Kellee Collins (Behavioral and Social Sciences) 423-585-2639,
Betsy Southerland (Science, Technical Education, Mathematics), 423-585-6863

Amy Taylor, 423-585-6929,

Claiborne County Campus/Morristown Campus
Megan Blaylock,, 423-585-6820,

Sevier County Campus
Bobbie Schnepf, 865-774-5801,


CUTLINE: Jacob Hoover chooses his classes with the assistance of Abby Hill, a career advisor.