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Friday July 10, 2020

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Active-Shooter Drill Planned Today
August 13, 2019

UPDATE: The drill is over and the campus now returning to normal operations. Thank you for your cooperation.

As part of its commitment to providing a safe campus environment, Walters State will participate in an active-shooter emergency exercise on Tuesday, Aug. 20, from 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. at the college’s Morristown Campus. The exercise will be coordinated, planned and conducted by Hamblen and Jefferson County emergency response agencies, which have been meeting with college officials for several months in preparation of the exercise.
Access to and from the main campus will be unavailable during the exercise. However, some staff from the college’s student support offices, such as admissions, financial aid and cashier services, will be available at the college’s Public Safety Center, which will remain open. The Walters State Public Safety Center is located behind the Walmart Supercenter.
Prior to the exercise it should be business as usual for employees.  During the exercise, employees and visitors to the campus will be directed via the college’s emergency communications system to shelter-in-place/lockdown. Emergency personnel will conduct a simulated situation and response in a randomly chosen building. Employees and visitors should remain in shelter-in-place/lockdown status until a follow-up cancellation message is given.   
The simulation will be testing the campus’ audible and digital message alert system.  Text messaging will not be utilized for this exercise.  Information about responding to an active shooter can be found on the college’s Campus Safety and Police webpage
 After the exercise has concluded, the emergency planning team will meet with evaluators and exercise participants to discuss the outcomes of the exercise and present any suggestions for improvement.