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Services Available

Documentation of a student’s disability is required to obtain services. Elevators are located in each building and are open to use by everyone. Access doors for individuals with impairments are located at the front entrances to all buildings. Special parking is designated closest to all buildings and located in the front, the rear, or the side of each building. Special chairs and adjustable tables are made available for those with verified needs.


Documentation of a student’s disability is required to obtain services.

  • Special Parking
  • Adjustable Tables
  • Cushioned Chairs
  • Evacuchair

Additional Services

With proper documentation and prior notice, students may also request the following services:

  • Amplifier (individual)
  • Bookshare
  • Enlarged Print Exams
  • Learning Aids
  • Note Takers
  • Request for Alternative Text Books
  • Specialized Software
  • Trackballs

Academic Support Services

Educational Support Plans

These are important and students are required to submit a request at the beginning of each semester.

Individualized support plans are provided to instructors if consent is given by the student. The support plan informs the instructors of any special considerations and services required for the student.


Testing Accommodations

Alternative testing accommodations are available when usual testing methods reflect a student’s disability rather than the student’s level of achievement. Testing accommodations are determined after careful review of the documentation provided by the student and an individual consultation between the student and a staff member. Testing services are available for exams to assist the faculty in providing accommodations to meet the legal mandates of ADA and Section 504.

Typical Testing/Evaluation Accommodations

  • Large Print
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Extended Time
  • Use of Computer for Exams
  • Test Isolation
  • Use of Calculator for Exams
  • Oral Testing

Register for a Proctored Exam

Test registration for accommodations is available online through the Counseling and Testing Center's registration system. Choose your campus location to begin the registration process.

Register for Testing

  • Select Group:
    Proctored Exams
  • Select Exam:

Additional information and "How To Schedule" walkthroughs are available inside the registration system for each campus.

Other Services

  • Develop individual educational support plans
  • Furnish paid note takers
  • Coordinate sign language interpreter services
  • Assist students in locating resources
  • Provide disability-related guidance
  • Request preferential seating

Determination of Appropriate Accommodations

A complete individual assessment is conducted with each student to determine specific academic support services. The determination of accommodations is based on the professional evaluations and recommendations provided by the student. Information regarding the student is confidential and will only be shared with the appropriate faculty members after an official consent form has been signed.

Student Responsibilities

  • Schedule a meeting with the Office of Disability Services to discuss your disability
  • Complete the forms required to receive services
  • Provide professional documentation
  • Meet with the appropriate staff to discuss accommodations and concerns at the beginning of each semester
  • Make a request for accommodations at the beginning of each semester (some accommodations need to be made 30 days in advance)
  • Accept full responsibility for your actions and study habits

Additional Information

Personal Care

Walters State DOES NOT provide services that are of a personal nature i.e., pushing wheelchairs, restroom assistance and feeding assistance. Attendant care is NOT provided.

Parking Permits

Students with state issued disabilities license plates or placards must register with Student Support Services. With proper documentation of the need, Student Support Services also issues temporary disability parking permits. The fine for parking in areas designated for individuals with disabilities without the valid state parking permit or the WSCC temporary hangtag will be $200.00. This policy will be strictly enforced.