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Materials List

Below is a list of items, which you must personally acquire before the beginning of the Basic Law Enforcement Officer Education:

Dress + Appearance

Students will be issued one academy shirt and one T-shirt for physical training. Students must wear the issued academy shirts, dark blue slacks, white socks, and black shoes while in training. (Students may purchase additional academy shirts). The T-shirts will be worn for all physical training.

Students are required to maintain a neat appearance with reference to hair length and facial hair. No facial hair will be permitted.

  • A minimum of 2 pair of navy blue washable pants (no jeans) must be provided by the Student.
  • Gray sweat pants and gray sweat top.
    On the back of the sweat top, centered at shoulder height, print your last name followed by your first initial in 2" black, block letters
  • Five white, crew neck T-shirts must be provided with your name on the back as described above for physical training.
  • Gray shorts, for use while in physical training. Women must wear bike shorts underneath their physical training shorts.
  • Black belt to be worn at all times while wearing the blue academy uniform and to be worn under the duty harness.
  • White socks (5 pair), free of any colored rings at the top.
  • Running shoes
  • Black shoes must be provided, tennis type is acceptable. The shoes can not have any markings on them whatsoever. (i.e. brand names, design, silver stripes, etc.) They must be solid black and be able to be shined.
  • Rain gear / suit
  • Groin Protection (Athletic supporter and protective cup)

Academy shirts and hats will be provided by the Academy.

Firearms and Gear

Each student will be provided a firearm to use during the academy. Ammunition is furnished by the academy. A duty belt and a snap-down secure type holster (leather preferred; nylon acceptable) must be furnished by the student. Twelve-gauge shotguns will be furnished by the academy. (Absolutely no Ammunition is to be brought to the Academy.)

  • Those students who are with an agency should bring their issued shotgun weeks five or six.
  • Expandable straight baton and holder
  • Leather or nylon duty gear to include: holster with retention strap, handcuffs w/ case, magazine pouch capable of holding two magazines for the weapon, total 3. You will need the duty belt andat least level 2 retention holster the first week.
  • Body Armor/Bullet Proof Vest (optional for students we will provide body armor for the students that do not own one.)
  • Safety glasses (clear)
  • Hearing protection for shooting and a gun cleaning kit.

Other Materials

Each student is to furnish certain items of clothing and other materials for their personal use during the academy.

  • Fitted sheet and flat sheet, (twin size), one pillow with pillowcase, all white in color.
  • A twin size, solid dark blue or tan, no print blanket to use for a bedspread
  • White towels, 2 each.
  • Toiletry items as needed.
  • Laundry bag, coat hangers
  • Band-Aids and Neosporin
  • Mouth piece
  • Clear water bottle
  • Alarm clock or clock radio
  • Extension cord, 8', white, UL tested, new.
  • Padlock and a flashlight.
  • Steno or legal pad for taking notes

No food of any type or cooking utensils are permitted.
(may bring change for vending machines)

Updated 10-7-10