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Major work under way to improve Morristown Campus

College Center work begins, Mathematics and Behavioral/Social Sciences Building renovation ahead

Some long-awaited changes are coming to the Morristown campus this year. The end result will be a much-improved heating and cooling system in the College Center and a newly designed Mathematics and Behavioral/Social Sciences Building.

Already crews have begun work to replace water pipes for the heating and cooling system in the College Center Pipes, which deliver the water for indoor climate control in the 30-year-old building, have been decaying in recent years. That decay has led to leaks, some of which caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Those pipes will be replaced and new isolation valves will be installed, enabling the college to prevent or contain any future leaks in a way that minimizes damage.

The effort should mean better control of heating and cooling in the College Center as well as fewer service interruptions.

The pipe replacement project is being conducted in ten phases. Some involve the closing of certain parts of the building for brief periods of time; others are expected to create only minor disruptions.

The work is the result of more than 18 months of planning and preparation. It all began with the discovery of pipe problems when the new Library and Natural Sciences Building were added to the heating and cooling system in recent years. Subsequent leaks led to increased concern.

The college knew that replacement was the vital next step and began making plans for the renovation.

Finally, the funding to address the problem was appropriated by the Tennessee legislature during the last two years. The magnitude of the project required two cycles of capital maintenance funding totaling more than $2 million.

The second major project, MBSS renovation, is expected to begin immediately following graduation in May. It will involve gutting most of the building’s interior to provide new classrooms, special purpose classrooms and labs as well as student services support space.

An elevator will also be installed in the center of the building.

The project is expected to be complete in time for spring 2002 classes.

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