Presidentís Message

By Dr. Jack E. Campbell

I am pleased that the governor and the General Assembly are making education one of their top priorities in this yearís proposed budget. My understanding is that the governorís budget includes $650 million of new money for education, of which $100 million is earmarked for higher education.

While we recognize that our college will not be fully funded based on the formula for higher education, we are pleased that the proposed budget contains funds for faculty-and-staff salary increases which are critically needed. And we are also pleased that a $4.5 million capital project (College Center Building renovation and Library completion) is included in the governorís budget.

I am fully aware that the governorís budget is being recommended with the expectation that needed revenue sources can be identified ó therein lies the challenge. We hope that this challenge can be met with success. For I believe that Tennesseeís economic future, as well as the overall quality of life, is contingent on whether or not we can provide greater access for our citizens to receive a high quality education beyond high school.

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