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Advice from the Parent of a Recent Graduate:
New to the college-parent life? These Tips from a college-parent pro will help!

  • Become a bargain book shopper. Look at different websites to find lower prices, consider renting books or using digital books and look for used books. For school supplies, your best bet is to buy at value or big-box stores.
  • Encourage your student to get involved. Find a club that matches his or her interests. Join a musical group or a community service organization. Take a bus trip. Through these activities, students make new friends and learn things not taught in the classroom.
  • Learn about the FAFSA and complete it as soon as possible. The FAFSA is needed for TN Promise, TN Reconnect, Hope Lottery and for many need-based sources, including the Pell Grant. Complete it as soon as possible.

  • Apply Now for FAFSA 2019-2020

Is Your Student Stressed?
Stress is, unfortunately, a normal part of college life. Helping your student deal with stress will make the journey to graduate much smoother.

  • Ask your students if they are feeling overwhelmed. Make sure they know that you will listen, even if you may not always understand the demands of college.
  • Make sure your student is eating healthy meals. It’s easy to grab a snack or fast food between classes, but it should not be the norm. Poor eating habits combined with stress can break down the body’s immune system.
  • Exercise is a great way to beat stress. Plan a family hike or neighborhood walks.
  • If you think your student is not handling stress or needs tips on limiting stress, encourage him or her to reach out to Counseling and Testing.

  • Contact Counseling and Testing

Does Your Student Need to Drop a Class?

  • Students receiving any form of financial aid should first speak to the Office of Financial Aid before dropping a class. Dropping a class with a “W” is sometimes the best decision, but it could have lasting effects on financial aid – especially if the student’s course load falls below full-time status (12 hours for most students).

  • Maintain Eligibility

Important Dates

Fall 2019

August 26
Fall Semester Classes Begin
September 1
Walters State Scholarship Application Opens for 2020-2021

Apply for Walters State Scholarships
September 2
Labor Day
(college closed)
October 1
FAFSA Renewal Opens for the Upcoming Academic Year

Completing the FAFSA
October 14-15
Fall Break
No Classes (college open)
November 1
Last Day to Drop a Course or Withdraw from College: Full-Term
W grade assigned
November 4
Registration Begins: Spring 2020

Register for Classes
November 15
Priority Deadline: Graduation Application Spring 2020

Apply for Graduation
November 27 – December 1
Thanksgiving Holiday Break
No Classes (college closed)
December 6
Classes End: Fall Semester
December 9-13
Final Examinations: Fall Semester

View Exam Schedule
December 13
Graduation Ceremony: Fall Semester
December 18
Grades Available to Students

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Spring 2020

January 21
Classes Begin: Spring Semester
February 1
Deadline: Walters State Scholarship Application for 2020-2021

Apply for Walters State Scholarships
Deadline: Graduation Application for Spring 2020

Apply for Graduation
March 1
Priority Deadline: Graduation Application for Summer 2020

Apply for Graduation
March 9-15
Spring Break
No Classes (college open)
March 27
Last Day to Drop a Course or Withdraw from College: Full-Term
W grade assigned
April 6
Registration Begins at 8 AM: Summer and Fall 2020

Register for Classes
April 10
Spring Semester Break
No Classes (college closed)
May 1
Classes End: Spring Semester
May 4-8
Final Examinations: Spring Semester

View Exam Schedule
May 9
Graduation Ceremony: Spring Semester
May 13
Grades Available to Students

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Summer 2020

Coming Soon